La Compagnie des Pruneaux is committed to supply quality products while respecting the environment. We have our own laboratory where experts carry out numerous controls from the harvest to the processing steps of the prune process to ensure flawless and taste-homogeneous products.


Furthermore, in order to promote the quality of its products as much as possible, La Compagnie des Pruneaux has obtained various international certifications, which are renewed every year.

This voluntary quality approach has enabled the company to become the European leader in organic Agen prunes.

Our certifications


IFS Food is an essential certification for the sale of processed food products in France and abroad. Guarantee of product safety and hygiene, this certification is a fundamental prerequisite for any food industry. All our products are IFS certified except our prune juice packed in glass bottles.

Ces certifications bio

In France, La Compagnie des Pruneaux has the protected geographical indication and organic certification.

Kosher certification

These organic certifications are specific for China and the United States.

Agriculture biologique

To answer the specifications of all markets, we are kosher certified.

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