For 50 years, La Compagnie des Pruneaux has been cultivating an organic 120 hectares orchard of Ente plums and has been developing various partnerships with organic prunes growers in the Agen area.

Organic prunes, our speciality

Thanks to its longstanding agronomic expertise and the volume produced, the company located in the Agen area is ranked among the first producer of organic Agen prunes in Europe.

The organic Ente plum harvest is respectful towards the environment and comply with specific rules. Our plum trees are subject to daily and preventive surveillance by our teams :





  1. Soil conservation and organic material input
  2. Encouragement of biodiversity because it plays a positive role against pests
  3. Right interventions at the right time with authorized organic treatments,
  4. Constant analysis of the fruits, monitoring of the border plans ...

This mission operated by all the women and men of La Compagnie des Pruneaux, first European plum grower, continues in our factory and guarantees for our clients :

  • 0 pesticides residue
  • 0 food coloring
  • 0 chimical preservative 
pruneaux de bouche BIO

Organic ready to eat prunes

Processing expert in organic Agen prunes, La Compagnie des Pruneaux is offering to its professional clients a complete range of organic ready to eat prunes with attractive price per kilo depending on the packaging (from 250g bag, canisters to 10kg boxes) :

Organic pitted or unpitted prunes
Organic prunes with different levels of moisture depending on markets needs: 23%, 28% or 35%
- Ready to eat prunes in common calibers such as 33/44 - 44/55 – 55/66 but also 66/77 - 30/35 - 28/33 - 25/30.

Organic prune juice

La Compagnie des Pruneaux is also leader in processing organic prunes into organic prune juice with or without pulp available in different packaging :

- Organic prune juice bottled in 0,75L glass bottles labelled La Compagnie des Pruneaux or private labels

- Organic prune juice in 210L aseptic drums or in tank truck for the food industry

jus de pruneaux BIO


Organic prune purees and ready-to-eat prunes are part of the composition of organic cakes, yoghurts, ice cream and compotes.

Those semi-finished products are delivered in adapted industrials packaging : aseptic drums 220/230kg and bag in box of 20kg.

PGI Agen Prunes
50 years Expertise
120 HA Organic orchards