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Processed Agen prunes
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La Compagnie des Pruneaux

The extension of our factory, our recent production capacity increase, and our new communications tools have been supported by the European Union and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Our company

European leader in organic prunes, La Compagnie des Pruneaux is a family owned company located in the south west of France, in the heart of the " Agen " area. For 50 years, the company has been acquiring a significant agronomic know-how and an industrial expertise. Today, it answers perfectly to the regulatory requirements and standards of the food industry. The global management of the entire manufacturing process of the Ente plum in various forms allows La Compagnie des Pruneaux to deliver its clients both in France and abroad (private labels, organic retailers, fruits purees manufacturers, co-packer...).

Organic prunes specialist

Organic prune specialist thanks to its 120 hectares orchards, La Compagnie des Pruneaux also supplies its raw material from local prunes growers.

Ready to eat prunes

La Compagnie des Pruneaux produces ready to eat prunes in various packagings and bulks, and soft prunes canisters of 350g.

Processed prunes for industrials

La Compagnie des Pruneaux supplies all processed prunes products to industrials (prune purees, prune juices and prune concentrates).

Agen prunes & juices for food retail, organic fruits purees for babyfood and food industry

Babyfood expertise

La Compagnie des Pruneaux supplies babyfood brands in France and abroad (from the organic orchard without residue to the development of new recipes).

A diversification towards new fruits

Conventional apricots and figs have joined the soft fruits range. Organic dried fruits, purees, juices and concentrates from others fruits are produced on site.


The latest news from La Compagnie des Pruneaux : international fairs, new products, orchards, international certifications...

PGI Agen Prunes
50 years Expertise
120 HA Organic orchards