baby food

La Compagnie des Pruneaux, European leader in organic Agen prune, has been developing a strong expertise in babyfood in the past years.


This know-how is based on a rigorous selection of raw materials from prunes growers who are committing themselves to respect an agriculture without residue on one hand and on the other hand, in the industrial process side, through an adaptation of the production parameters, the introduction of last generation equipment as well as the management of chlorates-free water.

Today, La Compagnie des Pruneaux is very proud to work with the biggest French and international babyfood brands (from organic orchards, or without residues, until the development of new recipes) and to supply adapted products for the babyfood industry such as prune purees (with a final destination as fruits desserts, yoghurts, snacks...).

Source of proposals in babyfood industry

The entire team of La Compagnie des Pruneaux are working directly with industrial clients to establish tailor made recipes.
These raw materials dedicated to babies are controlled by our quality laboratory but also by external laboratories in order to guarantee babyfood quality products (new European requirements in terms of management of acrylamides levels for example).

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