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Prune tasting
Prune juice concentrate
prune processing
This fruit of the soil, which is part of the Southwest agricultural heritage for centuries, requires attention at all times. The Ente plum to prune of Agen, is a long way to get this delicacy in fine pulp, soft and tasty which is nicknamed "the black gold of Aquitaine.

La compagnie des pruneaux : expert in gastronomic prunes and the transformation of both conventional and organic prunes into all its forms, for over 50 years!

La Compagnie des Pruneaux handles the entire production chain: from the growing of plums via close partnerships upstream with orchards (including 120 ha of organic orchards) to the transformation of prunes into all its forms (gastronomic prunes, pitted or unpitted, purée, concentrate, prune juice) as well as packaging.
tasting prune - plum juice concentrate - prunes Transformation

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tasting prune - plum juice concentrate - prunes TransformationBeing located within proximity of the orchards, the factory is in a position to implement a thorough quality control policy on the fruit via total traceability and can select the best raw materials based on extremely strict specifications.
Preparation, drying, transformation and packaging are performed on the same site which means the company controls the entire production process, from production to transformation.

Prunes: the ideal 100% gourmet daily snack

Shiny and brimming with sunshine, Agen prunes are part of the gastronomic heritage of the South-West of France: an excellent balance between sugar and acidity and a wealth of fruity flavors.

Agen prunes harbor numerous virtues: a healthy and nutritious delicacy and ideal for a varied and balanced diet.
tasting prune - plum juice concentrate - prunes Transformation